EN-403 Environmental Impact Assessment

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)-Program Learning Outcomes Mapping
Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
Sr. No. Course Learning Outcome (CLO) Taxonomy Level Program Learning Outcome (PLO)
1. Define and identify environmental pollutants C-1 Environment and Sustainability (PLO-7)
2. Discuss the environmental adverse impacts and their remediation C-2 Development of Solutions (PLO-3)
3. Analyze environmental impacts of a project C-4 The Engineer and Society (PLO-6)

Course Content


Introduction: Environmental Impact Assessment Requirement, its Implication and Significance, International, Federal and Provincial, Environmental Protection Agency Standards, Environmental Assessment by Laws and Legislation, EIA Analysis of Big and Small Projects as per National and International Guidelines.

Pollutants and Their Impacts: Air, Liquid, Solid and Noise Pollution Assessment, impact of Pollutants on Atmosphere, on Land, on Water and on Marine Life, Controlling Agencies, Monitoring EIA.

Evaluation Method: Performance and Conclusion keeping in Consideration of the Socioeconomic and Environmental Effect on Natural Areas such as Human, Animal and Plant life.