EN-401: Environmental Engineering-II

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)
Sr. No. Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) Taxonomy Level Program Learning Outcome (PLO)
1. Discuss recycling and its environmental impacts. C-1 Environment and Sustainability
2. Design wastewater treatment and disposal systems. C-6 Design/Development of Solutions
3. Explain elements of solid waste management system. C-2 The Engineer and Society
4. Detect environmental parameters in waste samples. P-1 Investigation

Course Content


Storm Flow & Sewage Flow Estimates: Rainfall Intensity Formulae, Hydrograph & Dry Weather Flow, Sewage Quantities, Variations and Rates of Flows, Velocity Gradient & Limiting Velocities.

Types of Sewerage Systems: Separate & Combined Systems, Types Shapes, Sizes and Materials of Sewers, Sewer Appurtenances, Pipe Strengths and Tests.

Principles of Design: Construction & Maintenance of Sewers, Sewer, System Analysis, Diameter and Gradient, Sewer Joints, Grading, Laying, Jointing and Testing Sewers.

Characteristics of Sewage: Municipal and Industrial Wastes, Water Pollution, Causes and Control Parameters, Effluent Disposal Guideline and Standards.

Sewage Treatment: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Treatment, Screening Grift Chamber, Skimming Tanks & Sedimentation Tanks, Activated Sludge Treatment, Trickling Filters, Oxidation Ponds, etc.

Sewage Disposal Method: Receiving Body, Assimilation Capacity, Stream Pollution and Self-recovery, Sludge Handling & Disposal, Effluent Reuse, Control and Management of Industrial Wastewaters.

Building Drainage: Requirements and Arrangement of Building Drainage, Soil Pipes, Anti-siphon Pipes and Wastewater Pipes, Sanitary Fixtures and Traps, House Connection and Testing of House Drainage, Cross Connection and Back Siphonage Control.

Solid Waste Disposal: Types, Characteristics, Sources and Quantities of Solid Wastes, Collection Disposal and Recycling.

Laboratory Work: Related to the above, Sampling Techniques and Examination of Wastewater (physical, chemical and microbiological parameters).