Seminar on Carbon Footprint: Eco-friendly Campus

The seminar on carbon footprint was organized by the Department of Environmental Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology on November 29, 2019, at the video conference hall of Civil Engineering. The seminar was focused on eco-friendly campus theme. Engr. Shahid Lutfi an alumnus of this University consent to be the guest speaker of the seminar. Engr. Lutfi is a qualified and experienced professional Environmental Engineer possessing over 24 years of experience in sustainable development and planning, environmental management systems, pollution control, and monitoring, etc.  

The seminar initiated with the recitation of holy verses by Dr. Bilal Usmani from the Department of Humanities. Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi graced the seminar with his presence and opening remarks. In his opening remarks the Vice-Chancellor talked about initiatives taken by NED University towards achieving the carbon neutrality target, and the journey of transforming NED University into green campus, setting targets, minimizing waste, efficient utilization of energy and resources. He mentioned impact of carbon footprints and estimated requirements for minimizing impact through mitigation measures including plantation of trees. VC also mentioned the establishment of urban forest by the Environmental Engineering Department at the campus and its benefits.

Speaker of the seminar Engr. Lutfi shared global statistics on carbon contribution, discussed various methods of carbon sources and highlighted the benefits of measuring CO2 emissions. Engr. Lutfi discussed approach towards carbon footprint management. He suggested to identify boundary of footprint at organizational level, identify scope of emissions under direct, indirect, and other indirect sources having better potential for reduction, potential for substitution, sources recycling, on-site waste treatment, green check-in, etc. He also discussed about measures which can be adopted by the University to reduce carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutral status.
In concluding remarks, Dr. Atif Mustafa Co-Chairman and Associate Professor of the Environmental Engineering Department shared initiatives already taken by the NED University and thanked the invited speaker and participants.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi

Engr. Shahid Lutfi

Dr. Atif Mustafa

Dr. Mehmood Ali