M.Engg. - Environmental Engineering Courses
Compulsory Course
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
En-515 Air Pollution and Control 3
EN-523 Analysis of Environmental Contaminants 3
EN-524 Wastewater Engineering 3
EN-525 Physico Chemical Processes 3
EN-526 Solid Waste Management 3
Elective Courses
Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
EN-501 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3
EN-502 Environmental Applied Sciences 3
EN-503 Advanced Mathematics 3
EN-508 Environment Impact Assessment 3
EN-509 Modeling in Environmental Engineering 3
EN-510 Process Dynamics in Environmental Systems 3
EN-511 Environmental Management 3
EN-513 Industrial Waste Treatment & Disposal 3
EN-514 Water Resources Management 3
EN-518 Sustainable Development and Appropriate Technology 3
EN-519 Introduction to Ocean and Coastal Engineering 3
EN-520 Marine Pollution and Control 3
EN-521 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering 3
EN-527 Environmental Health and Sanitation 3
EN-528 Urban Water Supply and Sewer System Design 3
EN-5002 Thesis 6