M.Engg/MEM Projects

S. No. Title of Project Student's Name Supervisor's Name Project Completed In
1. Water quality assessment (Turbidity) of Keenjhar Lake by satellite Hassan Nabi Khan Prof. Dr. Asif Ahmed Shaikh 2020
2. Solar drying of agricultural crop residues as a feedstock for bioenergy generation Umme Sahar Siddiqui Dr. Mehmood Ali 2020
3. Production of bioethanol fuel from agricultural residues Muhammad Imran Dr. Mehmood Ali 2020
4. Solar drying: A sustainable method for improving the higher heating value of agricultural wastes and food crops preservation Fazeela Niazi Dr. Mehmood Ali 2020
5. Development of quality, environment, health and safety (QESH) management system and its integration in operation and maintenance (O&M) of onshore wind energy industry of Pakistan Waqar Hussain Dr. Sadia Khan 2020
6. Lab scale batch production of biodiesel using solar energy Muhammad Shahid Dr. Mehmood Ali 2019
7. Production of bio-gas using various organic matters Sammad Ahmed Khan Dr. Mehmood Ali 2019
8. Utilization of natural coagulants for treatment of turbid water and antimicrobial resistant bacteria Hira Shakil Memon Dr. Sadia Khan 2019
9. Investigation and Improvement of cold flow properties of Biodiesel fuel Zehra Ghulam Dr. Mehmood Ali 2019
10. Development and Testing of an Industrial Wastewater Recycling System Burhan Ahmed Khan Dr. Atif Mustafa 2019
11. Review of Process Safety Management Practices in Pakistan Zain Anwar Dr. Atif Mustafa 2019
12. Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Using a Natural Treatment System Ahsan Waheed Kazi Dr. Atif Mustafa 2018
13. Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria in Raw and Commercial Dairy Products Syeda Ashmal Batool Zaidi Dr. Sadia Khan 2018
14. Estimation of Carbon Footprint Due to Road Transport for Karachi City, and the Mitigation Practices Khalid Jawed Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed 2017
15. Development of decentrailized unit for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse Saima Bashir Dr. Atif Mustafa 2016
16. Evaluation of Surface and Groundwater quality for Improved Water Quality in Future for Karachi Tahir Hussain Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed 2016
17. Analysis for Carbon Foot-Print for Karachi and Mitigation Practices Muhammad Khalid Jawed Prof. Dr. Syed Imran Ahmed 2016
18. Improving Karachi's Solid Waste Management through Zero Waste at Landfill Approach Syed Muhammad Shakaib Dr. Atif Mustafa 2015
19. Development and testing of hand operated reverse osmosis system for brackish water treatment Shah Muhammad Tanweer Dr. Atif Mustafa 2014
20. Removal of toxic organic micropollutants in constructed wetlands Faraz Ali Dr. Atif Mustafa 2013


Constructed Wetlands for Waste Water Treatment & Reuse Kalimullah Afzal Dr. Atif Mustafa 2013


Application of ecological engineering in an urban environment context: a case study Muhammad Ali Dr. Atif Mustafa 2013


Assessment of drinking water quality in selected areas of Sindh Iftakhar Ali Shah Dr. Atif Mustafa Fall 2012
24. An Assessment of Water Quality along a recreatiomal beach of Karachi Abdul Ghaffar Dr. Atif Mustafa Fall 2012
25. Design of a Sustainable Waste Water Treatment System for a Health Care Unit Ather Hussain Mover Dr. Atif Mustafa Spring 2012
26. An Assessment of Air Quality in the selective Area of Karachi Metropolis on the basis of Temporal Distribution Farkhanda Begum Prof. Dr. Asif Ahmed Shaikh Spring 2012
27. Performance Evaluation of a Constructed Wetland Treating Secondary Waste Water Effluent Muhammad Saqib Nasir Dr. Atif Mustafa Fall 2011
28. Optimisation of Bio methane Production Using Anaerobic Digestion Process Zubair Ahmed Dr. Zuhaib Siddiqui Fall 2011
29. Energy Management for Sustainable Urban Water Supply System; Case Study of Karachi Khawaja Aijaz Ahmed Dr. Atif Mustafa Fall 2011
30. An Analysis of Climate Change in Karachi and a look at How Change May Affect the Lifestyle of Karachites Iqbal Saeed Dr. Zuhaib Siddiqui Fall 2011
31. Production of Activated Carbon from Indigenous Waste Materials for Use as Electrode Materials for Water Treatment Muhammad Shahid Mrs. Farzana Ibrahim Spring 2010
32. Optimisation of Biodiesel Fuel Production from Pongame Oil Muhammad Kashif Mr. Mehmood Ali Spring 2010

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