EN-301: Environmental Engineering-I

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)


Sr. # Course Learning Outcome (CLO) CLO Mapping Taxonomy Level Program Learning Outcome (PLO)
1. Describe environmental pollution Environmental Pollution: Sources, Pollutants, Effects and Remediation of Air, Water, Land, Noise and Radiation Pollution, Toxic/Hazardous Wastes.
Water Quality: Water Impurities & their Health Significance, Water Quality Standards (U.S. & WHO, etc.), Water Quality Monitoring, Sanitary Survey.
Communicable Disease Control: Water-borne, Food-borne, Milk-borne and Vector-borne Diseases, Water Supply and Sanitation.
C-2 Environment and Sustainability (PLO-7)
2. Understanding of water supply and treatment systems Water Treatment: Treatment of Surface & Ground Waters, Screening, Sedimentation, Coagulation. Coagulants &. Dosages, Filtration, Design Aspects of Slow Sand and Rapid Sand Filters, Filtration Rates, Operation Head Loss, Backwash and Filter Efficiency, Pressure Filters, Fluoridation, Hardness Removal, Iron & Manganese Removal, Water Softening Methods, Water Disinfection and Chemicals, Use of Chlorine, Quantity, Dosage & Efficiency, Emergency Treatment Methods.
Building Water Supply: Layout of Water Supply Arrangement, Fixtures and their Installation, Tapping of Water Mains.
C-3 The Engineer and Society (PLO-6)
3. Detect concentration of pollutants in environmental samples Laboratory workbook C-4 Investigation