Water Treatment


Application of Solar Disinfection for Treatment of Contaminated Water
A sustainable and simple point of use household drinking water solar disinfection (SODIS) technology was successfully applied to treat microbiologically contaminated water. Field experiments were conducted to determine the efficiency of SODIS and evaluate the potential benefits and limitations of SODIS under local climatic conditions of Karachi, Pakistan. This is the first detailed scientific research on SODIS in Pakistan.
In order to enhance the efficiency of SODIS, the application of physical (black-backed rear surface and reflective surface batch reactors) interventions were also investigated. Physical interventions increased the temperature of water in the batch reactors and enhanced performance of SODIS. Moreover, an experiment was also conducted to determine concentration of plasticizers with and without application of SODIS. The project has been successfully completed.
SODIS Experiment under progress at NED University
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