Name: Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Back to Faculty
Designation: Assistant Professor
Tel No. (Off): 99261261-8 Ext. 2225







Academic Qualification:

Ph.D. 2019 Environmental Sciences and Engineering Tsinghua University, School of Environment, Beijing (China)
MEM 2013 Environmental Management NED University of Engineering & Technology
B.S. 2007 Microbiology University of Sindh, Jamshoro






Teaching Experience:

Feb 2019 - To date Assistant Professor Environmental Engineering Department, NED University of Engineering and Technology
Dec 2009 - Feb 2019 Lecturer Environmental Engineering Department, NED University of Engineering and Technology







Bullet-cv.jpg American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Membership no 56554884
Bullet-cv.jpg Biosensors, Biochip and Nanobiology (BBN)
Bullet-cv.jpg TEDxTHU
Bullet-cv.jpg Tsinghua University Student association of Belt and Road Initiative (SABRI)
Bullet-cv.jpg Pakistan Society for Microbiology (PSM)
Bullet-cv.jpg Biological Safety Association of Pakistan (BSAP)









Research Interests:

Bullet-cv.jpg Environmental Applied Microbiology
Bullet-cv.jpg Water treatment
Bullet-cv.jpg Quality control assessment for food hygiene
Bullet-cv.jpg Bio-energy production from indigenous sustainable resources







Journal Publications

  1. Zhou, X., Memon, A. G., Sun, W., Fang, F., & Guo, J. (2020). Fluorescent Probe for Ag+ Detection Using SYBR GREEN I and C-C Mismatch. Biosensors, 11(1), 6.
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Conference papers

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