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departmental activities :

Field Visits :
Yunus Textile Mills
Aquafina Water Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant DHA Karachi Golf Club
Keenjhar Lake
KW&SB COD Water Filter Treatment Plant Gulshan-e-Iqbal
Combined Effluent Waste Water Treatment Plant for Tanneries, Korangi
NEC Waste Water Treatment Plant, Korangi Creek
Incineration Plants
Gul bahao Research Centre
Hilton Pharma
Seminars /Lectures :
Symposium on Development of Climate Change Postgraduate Degree Program
5 Days Training Course on Integrated Coastal Management
Environment Day 2014
Development of an Anaerobic Dynamic Membrane Bioreactor
Environment Laws and Their Implications
Seasonal Flu with Special Concern on Swine Flu and its Preventive Measures
Process Flow in Conversion of Surface Water into Safe Drinking Water
Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Testing Program for NED Campus
Public Hearing of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) on KPT Housing
Air Quality and Global Warming Workshop
Bio diesel – Alternative & Clean Fuel for the Present and the Future
Health safety and Environment Measures in Hino Pak motors
Environment Day - 2012
Yearly Objective and Action Plan :
Yearly Objective 2014
Miscellaneous Events :
Prize Distribution Ceremony of Essay Competition
World Environment Day 2010
World Earth Day 2010
Tree Plantation Day (Green Day)
World Environment Day 2009
World Earth Day 2009